Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Unlike SEO, SEM requires you to pay search engines to appear on the search results page. But here’s the interesting part, search engines only charge you if you get a click on your website. Hence, it is also called pay per click (PPC). PPC strategies help businesses jump start their journey and reach their target audience despite the cut throat competition in the market.

  • Branded Content and Stories
  • Customer Magazines
  • Infographics and Case Studies
  • Email Collateral & Others

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  • eBooks & Blog Posts
  • Branded content & Stories
  • Customer Magazines
  • Pillar & Landing Pages
  • Infographics & Case Studies
  • Email collateral & others
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OUR testimonial

Our clients simply love our work

I started my business 4 years back and although I had some beginner’s luck, the popularity faded quickly and I was incurring losses one after the other. I found myself stuck in a rut and thought it was impossible to get out of it. I doubted my own product, which I had developed after years of research. I developed organic shea butter based on my ancestral secret recipe. It is truly like no other. Anyway, point being, I had a basic website which had zero to no clicks. I needed a way to increase traffic and that’s how I found Web Design Stop online. Within 3 months, my sales sky rocketed. My ROI increased to 150%. I am beyond happy with their service. However, it was uncomfortable for me at first to understand the process, but I decided to trust them and I am glad I did.


Head of Marketing

OUR testomonial

Our clients simply love our work

I had an excellent idea for an app and just didn’t have the right skills to execute it. I was reluctant to take help from outside because I didn’t want anyone to steal my idea. That’s when my friend told me about (insert name of the brand) and I took a leap of faith. I am beyond happy with their execution of my idea.



OUR testomonial

Our clients simply love our work

I am a fashion enthusiast and wanted to launch my own line. But, due to the budget constraints, I couldn’t have a physical launch. (*Insert name of the brand*’s) consultant called me after I filled their query form. (Insert name of the consultant) gave me tremendous ideas how we could do an online launch. They revamped my website and took care of the digital marketing. Today, my business is thriving and I am utterly thankful to (insert name of the consultant) for his guidance and support.


Technology Head